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Custom Floor Plans

Our company provides drafting on site using laser technology. Once All the dimensions and information is collected it is then inputted into AutoCAD to generate a professional 2D floor plan in PDF format & CAD file to use for either real estate or construction services.


Real Estate Floor Plan Service

Having your property professionally measured and drafted for real estate purposes helps your listings stand out in multiple ways. This allows your client to remember the layout, special features, room dimensions and square footage the home has to offer.


Re-Drafting Floor Plan Service

Some clients already have an old floor plan or construction plan that either needs to be simplified or redrafted since they may look out of date or messy.


Construction Floor Plans

When renovating a home floor plans are a necessity.  When applying for permits The city always requires a professional existing as-built floor plan showing everything from room dimensions, ceiling and grade heights, window sizes, sill heights etc. Working in AutoCAD provides us with the ability to forward the file onto the clients architect or designer to work directly from.

Floor Plan Re-Draft

$200 for the first 2,000 sq.ft. Plus $0.06/sq.ft. Plus HST


Real Estate Floor Plan

$250 for the first 2,000 sq.ft. Plus $0.07/sq.ft. Plus HST


Construction/Renovation Plans

$300 for 1,000 sq.ft. Plus $0.08/sq.ft plus HST



70 km round trip INCLUDED from 3643 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga ON, L5A 2Y4.

(Above 70km is $1.50/km plus $20.00 base fee)

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